Piano music gets a separate page as it is something I do a fair amount and also because I definitely consider these less ‘concert’ music and more from the point of view of the player…  They are mostly not long and generally not too difficult, although this does vary.  An enjoyable experience doesn’t always directly correlate with easy-to-play either – though I definitely value simplicity!  At the same time, a piece with very few notes – for example Chant for Mechanism – may look very easy but actually demand intense concentration…

The following are a couple recent examples and things I have in my bandcamp shop.  I recently worked out I have about a hundred more though, some in need of writing up neatly, which I would love to do something with / have in books someday.  There are a few more of them on my soundcloud.

Piano for a day

Piano for a day is a set of 30 miniatures, one for each day of a month.

Sample pages: Dream Journey, Blue Garden

Chant for mechanism

The afore-metioned piece with few notes.  A piano is a box, a machine. A piano is/has a room/a space.  A meditation.  Repeat as many times as necessary.  (Sheet music also available to download on bandcamp.)